The Issues

We believe it’s now more difficult than ever to be a teen. There are more threats which are more dangerous than in times past. While bullying has always been a problem in schools, the introduction of the internet and social media has taken bullying to an art form. Drugs are more prevalent and more powerful than ever. The opioid problem in our country is in the news most every day. Anxiety, depression, and self-harm are on the rise. Teen suicides have tripled since 1960. Young people and their families are under a constant threat from multiple directions.

Bullying National Statistics 2015

160,000 kids miss school everyday for the fear of being bullied

of students have been bullied
physically, verbally,
and/or mentally.

15 School Shootings

12 of the shooters were bullied and brought the weapon to school with the intent to harm the person who had bullied them.

of students have
seen someone

Self Harm National Statistics 2015

4300 Suicides Attributed to Bullying

Leading cause of death among
high-school age students.

4 out of 5 who attempt suicide
give clear warning signs.

Teen suicide rates
have tripled since 1960.

Drug Abuse National Statistics 2015

20 million students over the age of 13 have a drug addiction

Began to use drugs
or alcohol before
the age of 18

1 out of 6 have reported using
prescription drugs to change
their mood or to get high

9th – 12th graders reported
using marijuana more than
once in the last 30 days