The Mission & Vision

The Mission

The mission of Lifeline Educational Services is to positively affect the lives of children ages 13-18, helping them to mature into happy, healthy adults, specifically by helping them with the issues that threaten them during adolescence.

Lifeline Educational Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides, students, parents, and schools with educational content, resources, and technologies focused on the prevention of bullying, substance use/abuse/addiction, and self-harm, while promoting emotional well-being and healthy life choices.

We focus on prevention and education. We believe that prevention is the best cure. We address these issues hopefully before they become problems. We promote healthy choices and positive character traits in order to help make these life choices easier and safer.

The Vision

Our vision is to create an organization including a coalition of the concerned, that is widely recognized as a powerful and effective leader in the fight to reduce bullying, prevent substance abuse, promote emotional well-being, and grow positive character, values, and life choices in our young people, their families, and their schools.

We believe

  • It’s now more difficult than ever to grow up as a teen. There are more threats and those threats are more dangerous than in our past.
  • Teens cannot solve these problems alone. They need the help and support of their parents and of their schools.
  • Providing engaging, relevant education and resources can help combat these issues.
  • We can make a difference in the lives of many.