Our Approach

Lifeline Educational Services can help schools locate and secure funding that can assist in the implementation of the content and technologies that address the issues mentioned on this site. We know schools have limited budget and resources. Due to this, the issues we are combatting don’t always get the resources they need. We would like to help remedy that.

Prevention and Education

We focus on prevention and education. It has been said that “prevention is the best cure” and it has never been more true that with the issues we have chosen to combat. Education is a critical tool in this battle. Diverting our young people early, before the issues become a crisis is our goal.

Drugs & Alcohol

Substance use, leads to abuse, leads to addiction. We have seen it time and time again. There is no such thing as “harmless use”. Gateway drugs are real. Teen alcohol use can be deadly. Even accidental addiction can occur but can be prevented with better education and awareness.


Aggression can be an innate, even natural element of our being. Bullying, however, is harmful and socially unacceptable. Bullying damages all involved: the victim, the bully, and the bystander. This damage can be severe and long term. We need to change this behavior, build empathy and compassion, and create “up-standers”, not bystanders.


Anxiety and depression beset our children in today’s environment. Suicide is not a treatable condition. It is an irrecoverable act. You cannot “treat” suicide, but you can attack the underlying contributing factors of isolation and hopelessness. You can proactively show a young person an alternate path before they get to that impulsive and dangerous point in the road.

Get Everyone Involved

Kids cannot be expected to solve these issues alone. Parents feel helpless and frustrated with the problems outside their span of control. Schools are forced to deal with issues they did not create, yet are held responsible to address, without adequate funding, resources, or even hours in the day to effectively combat these problems. We need everyone in the community involved. We need student, parents, schools, and even local businesses and community organizations. We need a coalition of the concerned.

We needed to get a message to teens so...

We gave them an app for their phones...and great content so they could learn what they needed...and food and stuff to incent them to learn...and cool tools for school so they will keep the app on their phones. We provide content and resources to help them. Tech to keep them in the app. And yes we blatantly bribe them to get them to learn. We openly admit to bribery; but it’s for a good cause!

By providing the schools, students, and parents with a mobile-based communication platform we can get the content and resources into the most effective delivery vehicle today: a teen’s cell phone.

By incentivizing the teens, with food, activities, and rewards, we can get the teens to “earn as they learn”.

By providing tools and functions that are relevant to their school day, kids will keep the app on their phone.