Providing educational content is a great start. But how do you get it into the hands (and eyes, and minds) of teens today? The best answer is to leverage the devices that have become permanently attached to them: their computers and mobile phones. We promote various technologies and platforms to educate and provide resources to our young people as well as parents and educators.

We leverage multiple mobile, communication, and data integration technologies to accomplish our mission. One of the technologies that we use is the StudentSuite™/ParentSuite™ mobile application system from SchoolAppsUSA. It is specifically designed to serve content and track incentives, and has the gamification features that students want. The StudentSuite™ mobile app is full-featured; additional features continue to be developed to enhance its “stickiness” with users. ParentSuite™ will be released in 2018. Current features of StudentSuite™ include:

Student ID

Bus Tracker

School Delay Alarm


Job Postings

Lifeline Content